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Getting Ready for General Data Protection
Website Readiness £374.00
  • Customised privacy policy
  • Cookies interactive toolbar
  • Contact Form Upgrade
  • Install SSL Certificate *
  • Website report and recommendation

* SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
Certificate subject to
additional purchase of

Conformity Document Set £794.00
  • A complete set of documents
  • Video tutorials how to complete
  • 1-year update
  • GDPR conformity document
  • Simplified Self-Certification
Certificate Of Assurance £1,794.00
  • IASME Cyber Essentials+ GDPR Certificate
  • Subject to GDPR assessment pass from certification authority
Compliance Service £7,940.00
  • GDPR readiness assessment
  • GDPR policy and procedures recommendations
  • GDPR plan implementation **

** For maximum of 5 working days


Getting Ready for GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation)

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is coming soon!

The starting date is 25 May 2018 and being GDPR Compliance will be a must for every business owner that deals with personal data in process of their work. Failing to demonstrate compliance with the regulation will result in heavy fines ranging up to €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover – whichever is greater. To protect your business and avoid the possibility of fines you should act now and take a quick step to implement compliancy-ensuring changes.


What do you need to know about GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a legal framework that manages the process of collecting personal information in all countries part of European Union (EU).

Non-Eu businesses processing the data of EU citizens will also have to stand behind the data policy in the EU. The GDPR will replace the Data Protection Directive, follow out since 1995 and is an update of existing already data protection standards following fast-evolving technology world.

The GDPR has effects on businesses and companies having access to sensitive personal data in their work.

Legal - The legal part includes every aspect, affecting personal data or the risk that management officials may encounter in their use. Legal situations established by the Regulation are included. In other words – the legal part is what we do wrong or right according to GDPR Regulation.

Physical - Physical aspects of GDPR are this ones that affects physical keeping of physical data and all other subsequent consequences after data leaking, breaching or unauthorized/incorrectly handling of personal data. Physical aspect of GDPR is about physical measures that affects personal data.

Technical - Technical aspects of GDPR are specified by the Legal part in this regulation. They can be more complicated for each business depending on what is the specific field in which company is practice. They can be very specific, general but all of them should respond GDPR 95/46/EC regulation in the two previous aspects – Legal, Physical (ensuring free and secure transit of personal data).

Go live UK as an expert in this field

As an expert in this field, Go Live UK is providing effective products and services to keep client's data secure and keep your online presence constantly protected. The latest innovation in the field of cyber is our GDPR compliance procedures.

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